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第4回早稲田ELF国際ワークショップが11月14日-15日に早稲田大学早稲田キャンパス16号館305教室で開催されるとのこと。15日午後のパネルでは最近話題になっているEMI(English-medium instruction)をExploring ELF in EMI settingsという題で取りあげる。 詳細は下記の通り。参加費、予約等は不要。



Friday, 14th November 2014 Special Lectures
(4th Waseda ELF International Workshop* : Part 1)


16:30~18:00 Professor Dr Henry Widdowson,
Honorary Professor, University of Vienna,
Professor Emeritus, University of London
‘The Pragmatics of ELF Variation’


18:00~19:30 Professor Dr Barbara Seidlhofer, University Professor,
University of Vienna
‘The Global Significance of ELF Study’

Venue: Room 305, Building 16 (School of Education), Waseda Campus,
Waseda University


Saturday, 15th November 2014

10:00~18:45 4th Waseda ELF International Workshop*: Part 2

- Exploring ELF in Academic and Business contexts -




1) 10:00 Opening & Introduction  Kumiko Murata


2) 10:05 ~11:35 Special Lecture

Professor Dr Elana Shohamy, Tel Aviv University
‘Critical language testing and English Lingua Franca, how can one
help the other?’


11:35~11:40 Short Break


3) 11:40~12:30 Individual Presentation Session 1


11:40~12:00 Akiko Otsu, Daito Bunka University & Waseda University
‘Beyond ‘Nice to meet you’: small talk in ELF for initial business


12:00~12:20 Dr Alan Thompson, Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University
‘Three Asian ELF settings: diverse situations, diverse practices’


12:20~12:30 Questions & Answers, Comments

12:30~13:45 Lunch


4) 13:45~15:50 Individual Presentation Session 2


13:45~14:05 Mayu Konakahara, Waseda University
‘How ELF users negotiate face during complaining: An analysis
of third-party complaints in ELF casual conversation among friends’


14:05~14:25 Dr Yoko Nogami, Matsuyama University
‘Identity, sociopragmatic discernment and us vs. them discourse
in ELF’


14:25~14:45 Dr Keiko Tsuchiya, Tokai University
‘Comparing articles of an ELF-based and a native-norm-based
journal using a small-scale corpus’


14:45~15:05 Assoc. Prof. Leah Gilner, Bunkyo Gakuin University
‘Vocabulary preferences of English speakers in localized and
globalized settings’

15:05 Questions & Answers 


15:15 Comments on Individual Presentation Sessions 1 & 2
Commentators: Profs Barbara Seidlhofer, Elana Shohamy,
and Henry Widdowso


15:35 General Questions & Answers, and Discussion 


15:50-16:05 Coffee/ Tea Break


5) 16:05-18:30 Invited Panel - Exploring ELF in EMI Settings -


16:05 Introduction Kumiko Murata


16:10 Special Panel Contribution
Dr Ying Wang, China Three Gorges University
‘A case study of the role of English in a Chinese university’


16:30 Professor Jim D’Angelo, Chukyo University
‘Challenges of nurturing EMI in broad-based Japanese Higher Education’


16:50 Professor Masaki Oda, Tamagawa University
‘University English Language programs in Transition: EFL to ELF, then?’


17:10 Professor Nobuyuki Hino, Osaka University
‘Toward the development of CELFIL (Content and ELF Integrated
Learning) for EMI classes in higher education in Japan’


17:30 Professor Michiko Nakano, Waseda University
‘Challenges in EMI, a case study of ‘World Englishes online’


17:50 Questions & Answers


18:00 Discussants Profs Barbara Seidlhofer, Elana Shohamy,
and Henry Widdowson


18:20-18:40 General Questions & Answers, and Discussion


6) 18:40 Round-up Kumiko Murata


Venue: Room 305, Building 16 (School of Education),
Waseda Campus, Waseda University


* This workshop is supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
(JSPS, Kiban (Foundation) B, No. 26284083)


19:00-21:00 Reception (Atton – an Italian restaurant)